Nirvana Van Conversion Specialist

We are currently seeking a self-motivated, enthusiastic technician who can be a reliable full-time van conversion specialist for our Leominster, MA location.

What we are looking for in this role

In this role, you will be trained to upfit vans, the Nirvana way! Then, you will be responsible for the construction, installation, finishing, and quality assurance of components and equipment installed in Nirvana Vans. You will be a key member of the Nirvana Upfitters team. 

Applicants must have experience working with hand tools, power tools (track saw, table saw, drill press, etc.), and the ability to train on and implement new equipment. You should be handy – i.e., be mechanically inclined, can put things together easily, and possess some electrical knowledge. Nirvana Upfitters is an entrepreneurial organization. We work hard and play hard as we get it done for our customers while maintaining a strong work-life balance. If you don’t love the job, it’s probably not for you. 

What we are looking for in a job candidate, for starters

      • Work Monday through Friday 8ish to 4ish, with occasional long or short days, and the occasional weekend stint and surprise day off 
      • Must possess a mechanical aptitude.
      • Have great attention to detail 
      • Self-starter – takes initiative, self-directed (we aim to give you the appropriate amount of autonomy and support so you will thrive)
      • Maintain a safe, clean, and tidy work space
      • Must be able to follow directions, working independently or as a team.
      • Strong positive attitude; inspiration to co-workers and customers; team player.  Take pride in your work and craft.

Roles and Responsibilities

      • General
        • Provide updates to clients, management, and colleagues during builds.
        • Generate step-by-step documents and photographic records of the conversion process.
        • Ensure timely and systematic install of all componentry into conversion per the design.
        • Coordinate with co-workers, management, and colleagues if issues or problems arise in the conversion or design.  Suggest corrections to design plans when and if needed.
        • Read plans and production documents to generate cut lists for production of custom furniture and cabinetry.
        • Create Templates of commonly used items during conversion. (i.e. window curtains, floor, door panels, etc.)
        • Install Sound dampening, insulation, vapor barrier into vehicle.
        • Fabricate components from scratch materials, as directed.
        • Upholster and install wall, ceiling, and door panels
        • Perform detail cleaning of exterior of vehicles including washing, windows, tires, wheels, etc.
        • Perform detail cleaning of interior of vehicles including kitchen unit, wall cabinets, stove, sink, garage, passenger areas and all other interior compartments
        • Test and verify all systems in conversion in preparation for final delivery.
        • Shop cleaning
      • Mechanical:
        • Install, diagnose, and repair mechanical components including appliances, roof vents, hatches.
        • Remove and install bumpers, roof racks, light bars, bicycle carriers, external storage options, ladders, awnings, cross bars, etc.
        • Seal roof vents and hatches
        • Install, diagnose, and repair diesel and gas and propane heaters
        • Cut through body panels to install windows, fans, solar systems, shore power plugs, and more.
        • Assemble and install subcontracted components
        • Disassemble factory components to prepare for the conversion process.  (i.e. floor, walls, headliner, seats, etc.)
      • Electrical:
        • Install electrical wiring and components as specified by manufacturer and or build documents.
        • Install, diagnose and repair 110V AC wiring including inverters, shore power plugs
        • Install, diagnose and repair 12V DC components and wiring including off road lights, interior lights, water pumps, relays, fans, batteries, charge controllers and all other DC components
        • Construct and install 12V DC and 110V AC wiring harnesses
        • Install solar arrays and charging systems
        • Plumbing:
        • Install, diagnose and repair plumbing system including water pump, hot water heaters, faucets, sink drains, plumbing and fittings, water tanks, drains and other plumbing components.

Experience profile of the competitive candidate

      • Strong background of building things for yourself or a company
      • Experience creating and revising shop drawings and 2D design drawings
      • Experience templating, measuring and fitting standard and custom components to existing manufactured products (van walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, seats, etc.)
      • Comfortable designing with and coordinating manufactured products (cabinet hardware, appliances, electrical equipment, etc.)
      • Experience fabricating with wood and metal components (cabinets, frames, etc)
      • Experience installing finished custom and off-the-shelf components per design drawings and documentation

Recommended Skills

      • 2D drafting and documentation
      • Spreadsheets and design calculations
      • Generate Templates, lumber calculations, and cutlists.
      • Knowledge of use, safety and maintenance of power and hand tools for woodworking (table saw, miter saw, circular saw, jigsaw, router, etc.) 
      • Basic knowledge of CNC machinery and operations a plus
      • Knowledge of use, safety and maintenance of power and hand tools for metalworking (angle grinder, bench grinder, horizontal bandsaw, etc) 
      • Basic knowledge of welding and metal fabrication a plus
      • Knowledge of and experience working with standard and premium building materials and finishes (plywood, dimensional lumber, aluminum, steel sections, high-pressure laminate, vinyl, tile, etc)
      • Basic Knowledge of upholstery.
      • Knowledge of finishing Techniques with paint, polyurethane, etc (spray, brush, wipe-on)
      • Understanding and comfort with material properties, fastening methods, failure mode, and structural stresses / loads
      • Basic knowledge of electrical (12V, 110V, solar systems and troubleshooting diagnostics)
      • Basic knowledge of automotive systems
      • Ability to lift heavy objects 75 lbs+ occasionally, stand, squat, and lay down to complete required tasks.
      • Ability to learn quickly
      • Ability to communicate effectively
      • Willingness to learn and complete tasks correctly
      • Body and Equipment Mounting Manual familiarity

Wage: Based on Experience

Job Type: Full time

Experience: General building 2+ years

Job Location: Leominster, MA 

Nirvana Upfitters is a rapidly growing enterprise in an emerging high growth market of recreational vehicles. We look for employees who will thrive in such an environment. 

For consideration please send resume, cover letter, and photos of relevant projects/builds to