Nirvana Upfitters kindles passions to live, work, and travel by transforming vans into vehicles of adventure.


Product Mission

To create, with aesthetic design and precision engineering, the finest quality customized vans that inspire adventurous lives.

Social Mission

To operate a conscious company that positively impacts the world as we value people, communities and the environment.

Economic Mission

To manage a business marked by financial strength and stable growth that enables our employees, partners, and supporters to flourish.



Our Approach

Simple. Whether you seek a van conversion for adventure travel, to live-in off the grid, or to use as a mobile office and living space while working on the road, our approach is the same.

  • Dream - We start by understanding your ultimate goals. Contact us here
  • Collaborate - Together, we develop a preliminary design concept based on your objectives and the specifications of your vehicle (or we help you identify the vehicle that you want to purchase for build-out).
  • Design Phase - Together, we refine the design, guiding you through key choices. We generate 3D models and a detailed componentry list along with a final build quote and contract.
  • Build Phase - This is all us: we go to work bringing your dream van to life!
  • Adventure - This is all you: the world is yours to explore in your personalized Nirvana van!

Build your Nirvana Now!

Contact us now to find out more about making your dream van a reality.